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Everything to Know About Marble Polishing | A Complete Guide

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  • Everything to Know About Marble Polishing | A Complete Guide

If you have a marble floor in your home, you already know that smoothness and gloss give it the greatest appearance. Here is a simple guide with all you need to know to keep your floor in pristine shape, whether you have a floor that has lost its shine or are simply seeking for ways to maintain the brilliance of your marble floor. Even the best marble polishing services use these tips for the better results.

Step 1: Deep Polish

You must first make sure that your marble floor has been well cleaned before you can begin polishing it. And no, we’re not talking about routinely cleaning up dust and occasionally mopping up spills. Deep cleaning is a necessary if you want your marble floor to really gleam.

To begin, remove any crumbs or dirt with a soft, dry cloth. Next, dampen the surface with a sponge. The next step is to clean the marble by either using a commercial marble cleaner or a few drops of nonabrasive dishwashing solutions on a damp rag. Distribute your preferred cleaner evenly around the floor, then buff away any stains or debris.

Step 2: Remove Stains

You can choose to use a professional marble stain remover (commonly called poultices) or manufacture your own to get rid of more difficult spots. Follow these methods to make your own homemade poultice and get rid of the stains:

Combine a half-cup of hydrogen peroxide with a tablespoon of ammonia. Add baking soda gradually until the mixture has a thick, creamy texture (similar to peanut butter or sour cream). When you get the desired texture, apply the poultice to the stained areas using a clean paintbrush. Spread out at least one inch past the stain’s edges and cover the stain to a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 inch.

To ensure that the poultice has completely hardened, wait 12 to 24 hours. Remove the plastic cover from your poultice after it has completely dried, then carefully scrape the poultice away with a razor blade or spatula.

Step 3: Polish

While severe etching necessitates professional assistance, you may frequently get rid of small etching using a polishing powder from your neighbourhood home improvement centre. Wipe the engraved areas with a clean towel that has been soaked in water.

In accordance with the product’s directions, a little of the marble polishing powder should be sprinkled onto the etched areas and gently buffed in. Then, using a clean, wet rag to get rid of any leftovers, wipe your marble dry to reveal its freshly polished surface. Does this seem to be more effort taking task for you? Don’t worry you can get professional help from the cleaning services companies in Oman.

Tips to Maintain Marble Floor Shine:
  • Dry Clean Regularly

Make sure to frequently dry clean your marble floor with a dust mop or soft cloth to keep it shining for longer. If you’re single, once every week should be sufficient.

You’ll likely need to dust the floor practically every day if you live in a home with 4 or more people. This is done to avoid dust accumulation, which, if ignored, could result in tiny scratches.

  • Remove Spills Immediately

Accidental spills should always be cleaned up as soon as you can to avoid the liquid seeping into the marble’s cracks and leaving a tough discoloration. Because marble is a porous rock, it readily absorbs liquid.

  • Always Bloat Never Scrub

Always remember to dab at spills rather than clean them. To neutralise pH levels and lower the likelihood of stains or etches, thoroughly rinse spills. This is crucial when dealing with stains brought on by acids like those found in citrus, tomatoes, vinegar, and coffee.

Bait Al Tanawa: Offering Best Marble Polishing Services

You’re not the only one if this sounds like more effort than you want to do or like it requires more knowledge than you have right now. Even skilled homeowners tend to opt for professional marble polishing. It’s the ideal method for achieving your goals.

Are you searching for the best floor polishing services near me? Bait Al Tanawa is the right choice for you. They are one of the best cleaning service providers with a significant presence in Oman’s cleaning business.

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