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Marble & Floor Polishing Services Oman

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Flooring options like marble, granite, and terrazzo are incredibly elegant and fashionable for your home. While the surfaces that reflect light are vulnerable to deterioration and eventually lose their luster and appear drab, natural stones are unquestionably resilient.

No amount of sweeping and water cleaning will bring back its attractiveness or appearance. For this reason, you should regularly polish your Terrazzo, Granite, and Marble. Polishing will fix the damage and improve its appearance.

If you have been looking for the best floor polishing services near me, your search ends with Bait Al Tanawa. Your natural stone flooring will regain its brilliance and lustre with our techniques. Polished floors also last longer, are scratch resistant, and require less maintenance.

Scope of Marble Polishing Services:

The density of polished marble is greater than that of unpolished marble for countertops and flooring. This is so because polishing increases the surface’s hardness and compression strength. As a result, the surface is protected from scratches and the impact of falling objects. Additionally, a polished marble surface is much simpler to maintain and less prone to stains. To prevent any potential stains, you must remove any wine or oil spills from the surface right away.

With marble polishing services, you won’t have to worry about recoating, stripping, or re-waving your flooring. A floor that has been polished well resists stains from water, oil, water droplets, tyre tracks, and other contaminants. Therefore, after the surface has been polished, routine care is not required.

A polished marble surface can also be fairly easily cleaned. A dust mop, damp mop, or even an auto scrub neutral cleaner would suffice to clean the surface. Simple cleaning is all that is necessary to maintain the marble’s bright, opulent appearance.

Scope of Floor Polishing Services:

You might be perplexed as to why, despite daily cleanings with water and floor cleaner, the sheen on your floor ultimately fades. This is because a thin layer of dust tends to stick to the surface when you mop with water and a floor cleaner. Your floor will start to look dull after more dust attaches to the surface, even if it won’t be apparent at first.

No matter how hard you clean and mop, your floor won’t appear as shiny as it once did. Your floors can become shining once more with the assistance of a floor polishing service near me. To restore the sheen of the floor, they employ floor polishing techniques including wood varnishing.

Service Overview

Benefits of polishing

Lower Maintenance
Prevent Slips and Falls
Improve Lifespan

Service Quality

We ensure that the task will be completed in the most effective way possible, providing you with the desired results in a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, we have the necessary materials, tools, and expert knowledge to assure that the polishing is carried out precisely and to the satisfaction of our clients.


Our marble polishing services use sophisticated techniques, and we employ state of the art materials for marble polishing and marble restoration projects. Hence, it is not messy.

Though marble is a high-end natural method, it is soft and porous too so that means it can absorb liquids and leave stains in the wake. Hence, the marble has to be sealed to help minimise the damage.

Our professional marble polishing services use environment-friendly products to remove the stains on the countertops and floors. They are non-toxic and hence quite safe to use in homes. You can also squirt some soap and water mix on the stain and then wipe it down. If it is not a stubborn one, it will go.

It would be good to service the marble once a year so they stay great, resilient and fresh. When you search for floor polishing services near me, you will know more about our services.
We will first assess the extent of damage to the marble. Sometimes, the damage to the marble might not be as bad as it looks. We can repair what can be repaired, and if only necessary, replace the marble. Our technicians would be able to do a seamless join when they do the repairs.

Our professionals will polish the floors once they start losing their shine. The polishing will be done using a mixture of baking soda and water and then applied to the surface. This will then be left on the floor to dry out. After which they will be wiped and cleaned. Look for our services in Oman when you search floor polishing services near me, and get in touch with us.

It depends on the extent of usage. It can last up to one year or three years, and sometimes even 10 years. When the floors are sealed, their shine lasts longer.
Through marble polishing services, you can restore the shine and glaze of your floors, and make it look like new. The stains will go away and you will have beautiful looking floors.
Daily cleaning will keep the dirt and dust off the floors. But to ensure the durability of your floors, you can enlist the services of a professional cleaning service and they will provide marble polishing services. We use professional cleaning materials and mop the floors to ensure they are cleaned and polished.
You can search for floor polishing services near me, and get your marble floors cleaned on a regular basis, or annually. You can seek their services to ask them of their opinion if you feel the floors are losing their shine.
No, as responsible and environment-friendly marble polishing services, we use only safe and non-toxic materials for cleaning the floors.
Ensure the floors aren’t cluttered and there is an easy path for the professional cleaners to clean the floors. The cleaning service will bring their own soft cotton cloths and clean rag mops, natural cleaners, stone cleaners and mild liquid detergent.
Yes, of course. It is important to hire floor polishing services near me to ensure your marble floors look good, new, clean and hygienic and last for a really long time.
Our marble polishing services include diamond polishing techniques to ensure long-lasting shine to the marble, and to make sure your floors look clean and beautiful.

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