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Why You Need To Have Air Conditioning Maintenance

How would you know when it is time for your AC maintenance Oman? When the air conditioning slows down or malfunctions? Never! It is very important to do tasks like AC repairing Oman when it is due, because putting it off can cause serious repercussions, causing the system to not function optimally. And skyrocketing your utility bills.

To ensure all the parts are functioning well

The Air conditioning has several parts that might require repairing or replacing on a regular basis. Let’s examine what those are:

  1. The filters in the unit

The technician from AC repairing Oman centre will check the filters thoroughly. They look for gas leaks, clogged filters and check the soil’s heat absorbing capacity. When the air filters are clogged and dirty, that will block the airflow causing poor energy efficiency. A properly functioning air conditioning unit can conserve energy by 15% when compared to dirty filters. Of course, it depends on the degree of clogging too. Some air filters can be replaced, while others are reusable. Your AC repairing Oman will know which one to replace and which not to.

  1. The air conditioning coils

The evaporator coil and the condenser coil collect dirt over a period of usage. When the filter is clean, it will prevent the evaporator coil from getting dirty. The same is the case with outdoor condenser coils. It can become really dirty since it is outside, and when you examine the unit, you can actually see the condenser coil if there is dirt on it. The coils are dirty, it will affect the functioning, so always clean the area around the coil, trim the foliage around it, and remove debris from time to time.

  1. The clogged drain channels

Clogged drain channels may cause the room to become more humid. This would cause the excess moisture to get stuck to the carpets and walls.

  1. Coil fins

The condenser and evaporator fins have aluminium fins attached to them, and this could bend and block airflow. The AC repairing Oman technician can comb the fins back into its position to ensure block-free airflow.

The technician from AC repairing Oman will check the different parts of air conditioning to ensure that everything is functioning optimally. If not, then they will clean or replace those parts so there would be nothing interfering with the system.

  1. Checking for window seals

There are seals located between the window frame and the air conditioner. This seal must touch with the unit’s metal case. If not, then cool air could escape from it, defeating the purpose.

Seasonal AC maintenance Oman is very important

You might not use those ACs during the winter months, so it would be best to cover the outdoor AC units and once the winter is over, you can hire the technician to do the necessary servicing or to just check whether the unit is functioning properly. No matter what brand of AC you own, regular AC maintenance Oman will definitely boost the functionality. No matter how small an issue may seem, leaving it as it is could prove detrimental as the usage increases.


The technician from AC maintenance Oman is well-trained to detect any problem with the air-conditioning unit, however small it may be.

Ideally, it would be good to do AC maintenance Oman after every cooling season and after every unused season. And of course, it also depends on the dust in the rooms too. If you are living in a fairly quieter area with less incidence of dust, once or twice a year maintenance would be sufficient.

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